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I understand why many believe that long distance relationships never work. Here I am, attempting to blog about LDR and how shitty is it, whilst having FaceTime on with him on the other end, sleeping. We were meant to talk to each other, not actually me watching him sleep. 
If you are wondering - yes, I'm pissed at him. The thing is, these are the only few days I get to talk to him. Yeah, fine. He couldn't text me in the afternoon before I went into work was because he "took a nap". Sure, he's tired and exhausted from playing futsal last night. Sure, sure. So I assume, I'm just meant to sit here and be a good, supportive girlfriend and tell myself, I'm all good with all this? What if I was having a bad day and all I want to fucking do is have him "virtually" hug me, or at least be there for me? Well, bad news for me. He can't or he won't. Because he's tired, he's asleep and he's not even going to try. Honestly? I think, or I …