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Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to me!

I had thebest night ever. All thanks to my crazy friends. We went to Morganfield's Pavilion for dinner, afterwards they took me to Marini's on 57 at Menara 3 Petronas for drinks (I have been wanting to go to Marini's on 57 for a very long time. I absolutely have this love for places with views; especially of Kuala Lumpur). The view was oh-so-freakishly-beautiful! And we ended the night with mamak food and drinks. My birthday was unquestionably perfect. Just so perfect!

My friends made me a scrapbook, my birthday-slash-farewell gift and they called it "The Bible". They were pictures and little notes from everyone: my friends, my lecturers and my course mates! And then, there's The Bro Code book. They took all the trouble to pre-order this book and forced me to take an oath, which was actually pretty funny and cute.
"I, Joanna Foong, swear to oblige, to fulfil…

Hair mistakes I made

1.BANGS. I know they look oh-so-adorable, but not everyone can pull this look off. I swear, once upon a time, I would always end up doing it, even when I know that I look plain ridiculous in bangs. Why do I even do it? I know, it's really really cute, but... The thing I really loathe about bangs is you either have to maintain it (or have it poking your eyes out), or grow it out. And growing it out sucks. There'd be a time where your fringe is neither here or there, but it's there; sticking at the side of your head, ruining your pretty little face. Anyways, I have already decided: No more bangs for me!

2. CURLS. You know, what the hell was I thinking?! Seriously, WTH. No idea what was I thinking when I decided to perm my long hair. I was "in the moment" to have curls. No, it was not pretty. It was a mess. The only upside was I didn't have to comb my hair, but otherwise, never ever do this. Just styling it for a day or night, maybe yes. If you have beautiful, na…