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Coffee it is

"As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?" - Cassandra Clare

It all started with my trip to Adelaide. CIBO Espresso was everywhere in Adelaide. It was a big thing from what I heard. Back then, I was not a fan of coffee. I was more of a tea person; chamomile tea (my absolute fave), green tea, chrysanthemum tea, I love them all. To me, coffee was nothing but bitter and smelly. It stains your teeth and it makes your breath stink, like you haven't brushed your teeth for months, years. I didn't like coffee at all. But... my trip to Adelaide changed me. That very first cup of latte I had, instantaneously made me fall hard in love with coffee. Screw Starbucks, screw The Coffee Bean. What I had, was the real deal. That was real coffee and it was so good. So so so good.
I was in Canberra for a month, I was having coffee almost everyday, sometimes maybe twice a day. It was so good. It reminded me of Adelaide and my love for coffee. Now that I'm b…

I'm very glad I'm not a teenager today

I am 24 years old, and today being a 20-something, (as I'm sure all of you Thought Catalog readers are all too aware), comes with its own host of problems from student loans to FOMO to getting your first grey hair and seriously freaking out over Ok Cupid first dates. But even with all of the problems associated with being 24, I'm glad I am not 16 anymore.

It sounds weird to say "back in my day..." when "my day" was less than a decade ago, but teenagers in 2005 and teenagers in 2013 are very different creatures. Yes, we had AIM - but Internet time wasn't unlimited. Yes, we had texting, but we also had minutes to worry about, and we Snapchat selfies were almost impossible with the grainy flip camera phone. Teenagers in 2013 are constantly on display, from Facebook, to Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat. It's hard enough to be 16 - which comes with its host of weird body changes: for me, it was a lack of boob growth, a spurt of bodily hair growth (hey…