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Today, is the first blank page of another 365 page book. I'm guessing you'd expect me to write a good one, but I realised that I haven't been writing for a while now; my last blog post was written almost a year ago. One year is gone, just like that. It wasn't the best though, I would say. Last year was one of the toughest years I've been through. Okay, I probably do say this every year about previous years, but really. It truly was one of the toughest years yet. Never have I ever worked so hard to juggle both work and university life. At the same time, to manage myself.

But of course, there were some highlights for the previous year. I enrolled in a class learning basic graphic designing and excelled. Two of my best friends from college came to visit and spent a good two weeks here, covered the four cities in Australia. You have no idea how happy I was to see them after a year. And the best one was when my boyfriend came over after one and a half year of not seeing each other. It was the best time of my life. Made me realised how much I truly and deeply love him still. Like I had realised he really is the one I want to spend my life with.

So what am I expecting of 2017? Well, not going to lie but I'm afraid of turning 24 in 24 days. One more year and I'd be hitting quarter of a century old. But I have to start looking at houses... I have to unwillingly look forward to moving out of my family home... Maybe move to Melbourne or to a whole new country. It depends. Whatever it is, 2017 will be a year of change for me, I hope. Change is good, right?

Will also be looking at saving more money and resume travelling around the world. I haven't done that since I moved here, so that would be something I'm really looking forward to. Got US and Canada on my list, Japan, maybe Korea, Maldives or Vietnam. Oh, who knows.......... :)