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I know I've been gone for some time. I was just so caught up with classes, work and getting my shit up altogether. It was a difficult time for me, where much tears were shed, so much anger in me, so much hatred. Shutting the world out was definitely something I've learned in the past few months. But here I am, still standing tall. Trying to keep my head held high. Now it is time for me to rest. A much deserved break :)

Many things had happened in this past few months I went missing. I've landed a real job, which I love so f-ing much. I swear, it's like my dream part-time job! Everyday at work is like playtime for me - talking to customers about clothes, dressing them up, advising them, first look at new arrivals, wearing new arrivals, etc. It feels like I'm finally doing something I really love. My passion for clothes/fast-fashion. I feel like a walking mannequin, wearing them pretty clothes and my closet is filled with clothes that I've probably only worn once or twice. 

Also, this semester has been the hardest so far. I had a death subject, which was just an introduction to the business law in Australia. I had economics, which I really suck at; and the other two, which was alright. I got my results today and THANK GOD. It is all really over. I can finally enjoy my break without worrying about my results. I can sleep soundly tonight - I hope. I can go back to Malaysia with a big smile on my face. I feel like going crazy right now. I just want to blast some music and get high. I'm just so f-ing happy I'm done with this semester.

Otherwise, life is pretty good. I've gone full on purple and it's very high maintenance, but I love it. My relationship with Marcus is pretty good as well and I'M SEEING HIM IN A FEW WEEKS TIME. I also just realised that I've been here for a year already and it's growing on me. Everything seems to be perfect, but it doesn't feel so right. Because nothing perfect can lasts. I'd be so damn lucky if it does for me. X