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"The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind." - Patrick Rothfuss

Playsuit: ASOS | Sandals: Rubi Shoes by Cotton On

I feel depressed. It was my birthday yesterday. I was pretty excited about it, but when the day came, it just didn't feel right. It hit me real hard that I'm now a 'twenty-something'. I'm no longer sweet sixteen or twenty-one and legal; I'm bloody twenty-something. Freaking old.

I feel old. I feel like I should let go of my childhood. I'm not a kid anymore, I should stop acting like one. I should really start planning out my life/my future. I'm still living with my parents, I just started uni. I don't have enough money to even rent a room. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. I should be out there! Living on my own, have a real job, my own car, my own place and shizzzz. But nope, I'm still right here.

Actually, I have no idea what's making me upset. It's like every year I feel like this during or after the first few days, or even weeks after my birthday. I remember last year, I turned the legal age, I just felt so meh. I guess it's going to be like this. No more OH MY GOSH MY BIRTHDAY OMG OMG OMG. Just meh, I just wanna sleep all day all night long, want everybody to not annoy me, k goodnight lol zzzz.

That was exactly how I felt yesterday. Plus, I had to go to work and I had a really bad headache. But the great thing was today. They had fireworks because it's Australia Day. The fireworks were so beautiful. I swear, it was like I had a "moment". It felt like I was going to have a great year. I don't know, it just felt like life is going to be much better for me. Just had that 'feel'. But I hope so. That was my birthday wish.

p/s: Sorry for the mumble jumble. I swear I wanted to blog days ago, but I was just too busy with work and talking to boyfriend. But YEAH, I'm still really busy. Oh yes, I finally have a real job! My first job btw, and I'm loving it :) Promise you guys I'll blog again when I can, XX