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Before the year ends, I just want to say a few things. This year indeed has been a tough/rough year for me, but I want to thank God for everything He has done for me. I know almost everything was taken away from me, I was so broken to the point that I was left with almost nothing. But I was blessed with  little things like awesome results and a great summer job. It feels like everything is coming altogether again.

Not only that, but my relationship with Hsiang is also getting from bad to good, which I hope we will be able to maintain a good relationship with each other. I'm so grateful for what God has been doing/done for me. I know I'm not perfect, I make tonnes of mistakes, and even when I'm stripped off and left with nothing, I know things'll get better eventually. Thank you God, for always being there for me.

I'm hoping for another great year. I'm hoping for a speedy, smooth-sailing year. I'm hoping God will always be with me, and will guide me through hard times. & Hsiang, I love you. Thank you for being so patient with me, and never giving up on me. Cheers to another year! :) <3