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Small beautiful breasts

"I know my breasts, small as plums, would win no blue ribbons. But in your hands 
they tremble and fill with song like plump, white birds." - Cecilia Llompart

Yes, today I've decided to talk/write about breasts. I know many girls out there have insecurities, and we often compare ourselves to superstars, models and that-very-popular-girl-in-school-who-has-the-perfect-face-perfect-body-perfect-life-perfect-everything. I used to wish I had bigger breast, a nicer ass, model-tall with Blake Lively's beautiful legs. But I think there's zero shame in having small breasts.

Breasts are breasts, they are beautiful otherwise. Maybe sometimes I do compare my body to someone else's, and there will be days I don't feel good about my body. I'm really short, I have chicken legs, I hate my face, I have no ass, I have no boobs either and my hair sucks. But I think if you can make peace with your own flaws (in this case, your small breasts), you'll feel much more comfortable about yourself, you'll be able to appreciate your body. I mean, look at Kate Moss: small boobs = she's rockin' it + still beautifulgorgeoussexy + the top supermodel.

On the bright side, us girls with small boobies are proven to have a larger advantage in bed. Our breasts have less fatty tissues, thus easier to stimulate during foreplay. Small breasts also make us look younger because our flat, perky chest will not sag! We'll have no saggy boobs, which is awesome. AND we can rock button down shirts. We won't have our bewbs busting out of our shirts/tops. Not to forget, we have better posture, we can go anywhere with no bra and we definitely look so much better in bikinis, halters, off-shoulders, tube and crop tops.

I know they say life is like a beauty contest. Nonetheless, learn to love yourself and enjoy the three-months long of summer holidays. Because I know I will, a well deserved break with my crop tops, sheer-see-through tops and high-waist shorts XOXO :)