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Hair mistakes I made

1. BANGS. I know they look oh-so-adorable, but not everyone can pull this look off. I swear, once upon a time, I would always end up doing it, even when I know that I look plain ridiculous in bangs. Why do I even do it? I know, it's really really cute, but... The thing I really loathe about bangs is you either have to maintain it (or have it poking your eyes out), or grow it out. And growing it out sucks. There'd be a time where your fringe is neither here or there, but it's there; sticking at the side of your head, ruining your pretty little face. Anyways, I have already decided: No more bangs for me!

2. CURLS. You know, what the hell was I thinking?! Seriously, WTH. No idea what was I thinking when I decided to perm my long hair. I was "in the moment" to have curls. No, it was not pretty. It was a mess. The only upside was I didn't have to comb my hair, but otherwise, never ever do this. Just styling it for a day or night, maybe yes. If you have beautiful, natural curls, then yes. But to have fake, shitty curls like mine? Better be prepared for hell, it ain't gonna look pretty. Well, good thing I manage to cut almost all of it off. Seriously, what the hell did I do to myself?! OMFG lah lolol.

3. WISPY LAYERED. Don't deny it, we all used to have this hairstyle. Wispy, thin layers from top to bottom. It was the trend many years ago, it was the hairstyle every girl had to have. All my friend had this style, every girl in high school did. I'm never going back there. It was difficult to tie my hair into a ponytail, it made my head look bigger. What a mess. Why why why? No idea. Everyone had it, I had to. But you know, I grew outta that phase and some girls still have it. Well, some of you may know this style as the lala girl hairstyle. Okay, laugh all you want, but mine wasn't that extreme :)


  1. Lalamui I think you're beautiful no matter how you style your hair.


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