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There was hope

"Even a child would think twice before touching a hot kettle once burned, but in Malaysia, 
we simply make new plans, and repeat the same old mistakes." - Brian Yap 

I was born here, I was brought up here. I have observed everything little thing that has been happening all around, but I refuse to say a word. I refuse to say anything, because I can't vote yet,  not eligible, not at that age to help make a change. But I want change, sadly, I didn't get any change. There was a chance for a change, there was hope for a transformation, but you guys decided it was all right to cheat (paying people to vote, bringing in extra bags of ballots via helicopter, the blackout, the Bangladeshis, also known as phantom voters) your way through everything. Macam tak malu langsung sial.

Do you know how embarrassing it is to say that I am a Malaysian? I'm more embarrassed and disappointed of my country than feeling angry. And everyone wonders why we never move forward, turning into a bloody third world country.