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If I were a movie

"Life's like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending." - Jim Henson

If I were a movie, it'd be complicated, yet, to me, everything will be perfect, unmarred and I will have a happy ending, my very own happy ending; everything will go the way I want them to take place; well, it is my story. Yes, my fairytale.

I would look like Serena van der Woodsen: tall, thin, but maybe screw being blonde because I'd like to have alluring brown hair instead... mysterious looking, yet beautiful. I would then live the life of Clare Abshire as an artist who making paper sculptures for a living, "Miss-Look-But-Don't-Touch". How I meet prince charming will be just like how Noah Calhoun meets Allie Hamilton, he would climb up the Ferris wheel to speak to me, write me a letter each day for one year and he'd take me for a boat ride on the river, and show me a place filled with geese and swans. He would propose to me by getting down on one knee, saying all the right things, then lifting me up for a hug after I say yes, just like how Edward Cullen asked Bella Swan to marry him. Cheesy, but that proposal is literally classic, so clich├ęd......... so stainless.