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Drowned in sweat

"Easy and difficult things are just small parts of life, the rest are what have to be done." - Alief Moulana

I get up really early to avoid the traffic, I sign in, I get my hair all tied up, I change into my uncomfortable uniform, I walk into the kitchen, I do whatever, I have a super quick lunch, I do whatever and I never go back on time, like never.

I can't tell anymore what day it is. My days seemed to be all jumbled up. I have no more weekends, because I work six days a week, with a minimum of eight hours per day. The only day that feels like a weekend is my off day, which right now is every Friday. Every other freaking day feels like Monday. Flickin' Monday. Stupid Monday. I despise Mondays.

But working, it keeps me tied up, kills time and takes my mind off everything. I have definitely learnt to be more patient with people, tolerate their crap and just respond to everything with a smile, though the silence is killing me. And I now know how all these people actually keep themselves sane. They sing, they shout foul languages at each other (for absolutely no bloody reason) and they talk a whole load of cow dung rubbish. Nothing makes sense in this line, nothing at all. The money may be shipshape, but sure as hell have no life. I'm definitely going to rethink about all crappidy crap.